Rewards lets you manage information from multiple reward programs in a single place. If you are frequent traveler, you probably have accounts with multiple airlines, hotel chains, car rentals etc to accumulate miles and rewards.

Instead of having to carry separate cards for each reward program, Rewards lets you save the reward related information on your iPhone & iPod Touch. In most cases, all you need is your membership number and the contact information. This information is captured in the application.

List of rewards included by default are available here.

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The following screenshots illustrate the functionality of the application with short description.

The home screen of the Rewards application displays all the rewards you configured.

Selecting a reward in the home screen flips to reveal other details like your member ID, contact info and other members who accept this reward.

From the home screen, you can add a reward. Rewards are available for Airlines, Hotels, Car Rentals and Others. The refresh button on the top updates the application with any new updates to the rewards app.

When you want to add a reward information, you just have to select the reward and add your reward number. Optionally, you can also add additional details. This screen also shows other members that participate in this reward.