Flights lets you track the status of flights with elegant and intuitive interface. You can check the status of all flights flying to and from US & Canada. You can get live status of your flights with minute by minute live maps, scheduled and delay timings, Aircraft info, Speed and Altitude of En Route flights etc.

You can search for flights by flight number or by route (any two airports) and track the flights of your interest. Our flight details screen presents you with information like Scheduled departure and Arrival info, delay information if any, Speed and Altitude of En Route flights and great looking maps. All the flight data shown in the application from FlightView, a very reliable data source for flight information. Here are highlights of the application.

Take a look at our Screenshot tour that explains how the applications works and looks.

Screenshot Tour
* Check live Flight Status
* Great Flight Tracker with live maps including live weather radar
* Live maps you can move around, zoom in and out
* Horizontal View that mimics the flight tracking systems you see in flights
* Pinch to zoom in and out of maps
* Displays Departure & Arrival timings including delays & cancellations
* Search for Flights by Flight Number or Route and filter the results by Airline
* Track and refresh data for multiple flights from a single screen
* Tracks Flights one month in advance
* Older flights are automatically hidden reducing the clutter
* Good database of Airlines & Airports
* Remembers your recently used airlines and Airports for quick searches
* Track all Flights arriving and departing from US & Canada